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Democrats come out for Obama, Republicans sweep the Flathead - Hagadone Corporation: Hungryhorsenews

Democrats come out for Obama, Republicans sweep the Flathead

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Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 11:07 am

Nationwide and in Montana’s statewide elections, the Democrats came out strong in this year’s general election, while in the Flathead the Republicans pretty much made a clean sweep of all races. Election results were still uncertain when this report went online.

According to unofficial results, Democrat Barack Obama was re-elected president with more than 300 electoral votes and the majority of the popular vote, while the Democrats increased their strength in the U.S. Senate with a few unexpected victories.

In Montana, the Democrats took four of the five statewide seats, maintaining their complete control over the five-member State Land Board. Republican Tim Fox defeated Democrat Pam Bucy in the race for attorney general.

Democratic Sen. Jon Tester defeated Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg in the highly contested U.S. Senate race here, while Republican Steve Daines defeated Democrat Kim Gillan for the lone U.S. House seat in Montana, which Rehberg gave up in his bid for the Senate.

In the Flathead, interim commissioner Cal Scott was elected to complete the four-year term of the late commissioner Jim Dupont, defeating Democrat Gil Jordan. Republican Gary Krueger easily defeated Democrat Clara Mears-LaChappelle to fill the commissioner seat currently held by Dale Lauman. Republicans now hold all three commissioner seats.

Two new district court judges won election for positions currently held by Stewart Stadler and Katherine Curtis. Robert Allison defeated Dan Wilson, and Heidi Ulbricht defeated Vanessa Ceravolo.

Locally, Republican Dee Brown defeated Democrat Dave Fern in the Senate District 2 race. The district includes urban and rural Columbia Falls and urban Whitefish. Republican incumbent Jerry O’Neil defeated Democrat Zac Perry in the House District 3 race.

South of Columbia Falls, incumbent Republican Bruce Tutvedt soundly defeated Democrat Shannon Hanson in the Senate District 3 race, which includes House District 5. And Republican incumbent Keith Regier easily defeated Democrat James Mahnke in the House District 5 race, which includes parts of LaSalle and Evergreen.

Unofficial results:


President — Mitt Romney (Rep.) 54 percent, Barack Obama (Dem.) 41 percent, Gary Johnson (Lib.) 2 percent

U.S. Senator — Jon Tester (Dem.) 48 percent, Denny Rehberg (Rep.) 44 percent, Dan Cox (Lib.) 6 percent

U.S. Representative — Steve Daines (Rep.) 53 percent, Kim Gillan (Dem.) 42 percent, David Kaiser (Lib.) 3 percent

Governor — Steve Bullock (Dem.) 49 percent, Rick Hill (Rep.) 47 percent, Ron Vendevender (Lib.) 3 percent

Secretary of State — Linda McCulloch (Dem.) 51 percent, Brad Johnson (Rep.) 44 percent, Roger Roots (Lib.) 3 percent

Attorney General — Tim Fox (Rep.) 53 percent, Pam Bucy (Dem.) 46 percent

State Auditor — Monica Lindeen (Dem.) 53 percent, Derek Skees (Rep.) 46 percent

Superintendent of Public Instruction — Denise Juneau (Dem.) 50 percent, Sandy Welch (Rep.) 49 percent

Clerk of the Supreme Court — Ed Smith (Dem.) 56 percent, Mike Fellows (Lib.) 42 percent

Supreme Court Justice position 5 — Laurie McKinnon 55 percent, Ed Sheehy 44 percent (nonpartisan race)

Supreme Court Justice position 6 — retain Brian Morris, yes 78 percent, no 21 percent (nonpartisan race)

Local legislative races

Senate District 2 — Dee Brown (Rep.) 55 percent, Dave Fern (Dem.) 44 percent

Senate District 3 — Bruce Tutvedt (Rep.) 70 percent, Shannon Hanson (Dem.) 28 percent

House District 3 — Jerry O’Neil (Rep.) 52 percent, Zac Perry (Dem.) 42 percent, Shawn Guymon (Lib.) 4 percent

House District 5 — Keith Regier (Rep.) 75 percent, James Mahnke (Dem.) 24 percent

Flathead County

Commissioner District 1 — Cal Scott (Rep.) 61 percent, Gil Jordan (Dem.) 39 percent

Commissioner District 3 — Gary Krueger (Rep.) 73 percent, Clara Mears-LaChappelle (Dem.) 27 percent

District Court Judge Department 1 — retain Ted Lympus, yes 80 percent, no 19 percent (nonpartisan)

District Court Judge Department 2 — Robert Allison 52 percent, Dan Wilson 46 percent (nonpartisan)

District Court Judge Department 3 — Heidi Ulbricht 63 percent, Vanessa Ceravolo 37 percent (nonpartisan)

District Court Clerk — Peg Allison (Rep.) 98 percent (unopposed)

Ballot initiatives

Legislative referendum 120 parental notification prior to an abortion for a minor — for 70 percent, against 29 percent

Legislative referendum 121 deny certain state-funded services to illegal aliens — for 79 percent, against 20 percent

Legislative referendum 122 prohibit state or federal government from mandating purchase of health insurance — for 66 percent, against 33 percent

Legislative referendum 124 should medical marijuana reform bill SB 423 be retained — for 56 percent, against 43 percent

Initiative 166 corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights as a person — for 74 percent, against 25 percent

Columbia Falls Cemetery Levy — for 64 percent, against 36 percent

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