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Public should be aware of assaults by Christian Right - Hagadone Corporation: Hungryhorsenews

Public should be aware of assaults by Christian Right

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Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2013 10:14 am

On a daily basis, the Christian Right assaults our proudly established secular Constitution by attempting, in ways big and small, to get the state to sponsor its evangelical mission.

The Kalispell school district, with some of its choirs participating in an obvious Christian event at a Christian venue, is either willingly or unwittingly contributing to the Christian Right’s efforts.

Here, many feel the schools have crossed the line between educational opportunity and the active promotion (to students and the public) of a particular religious message/belief system.

I wish to thank Mr. Wackrow, Ms. Stearns, the Flathead Area Secular Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Foundation for having the courage and fortitude to meet and challenge these threats to our religious freedoms — religious freedom which has only thrived, and can only continue to thrive, in an environment where the state takes a neutral position regarding religion.

Do we really want to see a return of blasphemy laws, witch trials, mandatory worship, anti-Catholicism laws and/or theocracy, etc.?

In closing, some clarity appears needed regarding the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s mission/purpose. The foundation does not seek to limit anyone’s personal religious expression (indeed, as above, they seek to protect it).

The Freedom From Religion Foundation does, however, seek to limit/eliminate the ability of any religious sect to utilize the power of the state (such as the public school system) to further its message and goals — which generally include converting more people into that particular sect for the sake of “salvation.”

I hope that more people, both religious and non-religious, will come to the understanding that religious freedom is a hard-won, precious (and tenuous) right in the U.S. that has and will continue to need ongoing protection from brave and patriotic individuals and organizations. I hope you’ll educate yourself about these issues at ffrf.org or flatheadsecular.com and join the worthwhile effort.

Ian Cameron lives in Columbia Falls.

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  • mistie posted at 4:20 pm on Fri, Dec 13, 2013.

    mistie Posts: 1

    I fully understand their mission and I fully agree. I am a Christian and as a Christian we all should agree with this. If we Christians want to be able to observe our faith the way we want and to belong to the religion we want, we have to have separation from the Government. If we do not, then they will have the right to tell you what religion and where you can worship. Like it or not, we are a secular country that allows freedom of religion, not freedom to make everyone obey one religion. Our schools are for secular education, if you want to have your children learn bible based information, you take them either to sunday school or you can take them to a religious school. You other so called Christians who think otherwise are a danger to all real Christians who understand the threat.

  • EdSilha posted at 2:16 pm on Fri, Dec 13, 2013.

    EdSilha Posts: 1

    Response to commonsense:
    Mr. Cameron's reference to the "Christian right" simply highlights the segment of the Christian community that attempts to use government to promote its goals. In Texas, this group has over the years attempted to require that creationism or intelligent design be taught in schools. In violation of the constitution, some schools teach a bible course that is supposed to be a literature course in a proselytizing manner. There have been repeated attempts to introduce prayer into schools and at school events.
    FFRF, the ACLU, Americans United, and other such organizations oppose any action by which the government promotes religion. Religious beliefs are the purview of individuals and churches, not government.
    If a group of individuals in the choir decide to sing in church venues, that is their constitutional guaranteed right. However, the staff at the school is not permitted to make such arrangements or provide support (e.g., bus transportation). The staff could arrange to have the choir perform in any secular venue (e.g., nursing home, hospital, shelter).
    Many of the members of the AU and ACLU are religious but realize that government involvement in the promotion of religion is divisive.

  • commonsense posted at 9:33 am on Fri, Dec 13, 2013.

    commonsense Posts: 5

    Mr. Cameron's letter is a disingenuous attempt to justify his own apparent contempt for religion. He does this by attempting to label all who would support the school choirs performing at any venue having something to do with, in this case, christianity, as the "Christian right". It seems to be popular these days to attempt to use this label for political or social gains. He says that "many feel the schools have crossed the line". I would submit that far more people do not feel the schools have crossed the line. These people too, have a voice. I am not a religious person. But I am in support of kids doing something productive, positive, expanding their knowledge base, etc. If this includes singing in a choir at a church, so be it. Mr. Cameron's narrow-minded position can only serve to divide people. Somehow he connects these choirs singing carols during a joyous season of good tidings as leading to blasphemy laws, witch trials, mandatory worship, anti-Catholicism laws, theocracy, etc.. What nonsense! Reasonable thinkers, religious and non-religious, recognize how disingenuous it is for him to try to use this "chicken little, the sky is falling" tactic. I have learned so much in my life by getting to know people of different religions, cultures, social strata, etc. I would also submit the general public dig into the backround of those behind this campaign against the schools. You may find a tight circle of busy-bodies.


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