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Ryan Zinke campaigns in Bigfork, says Hillary Clinton is the "anti-Christ" - Hagadone Corporation: Bigforkeagle

Ryan Zinke campaigns in Bigfork, says Hillary Clinton is the "anti-Christ"

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Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2014 12:55 pm

Ryan Zinke helped kick start his campaign for Congress in Bigfork Monday.

Zinke, a former Navy SEAL and state legislator, came to Marina Cay Resort to speak to Republican partisans.

Joining Zinke was author Scott McEwen, who co-wrote “American Sniper,” a book about the life of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Kyle, who served four combat deployments, earned a reputation as one of America’s deadliest military snipers with over 150 kills, including one from 2,100 yards.

Kyle and Chad Littlefield were allegedly killed on a shooting range on Feb. 2, 2013, by Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine believed to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “It’s a magnificent story about a patriot,” Zinke said of the book, which was published in 2012. Zinke announced that Clint Eastwood will direct a movie based on McEwen’s book.

Zinke touted his political ideas, opening with criticisms of President Barack Obama and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for lying about people being able to keep their healthcare plan under the Affordable Care Act and Americans not being spied on.

“It’s time to stop the lies. Let’s talk about the truth,” Zinke said. “Who trusts the U.S. government?” he asked rhetorically. “No one in this room. I’ve served in 25 nations. I’ve seen where people don’t trust their government. We’re there. In the military, the last option is to send in the SEALs.”

Zinke said energy is the key to growing the economy and reducing the budget deficit. “We’re not going to cut our way out,” he said. “We’re going to have to grow our economy. If the price of natural gas is stable and low, we can bring back manufacturing.”

Zinke said he wants to restore truth, grace, honor and decency, which he called “our moral compass. It’s always been Judeo-Christian,” he said. With the present administration, “It’s whatever you can get away with. I will never bow to pressure. I will do what’s right,” he said.

Zinke said he supports work visas for illegal immigrants, who he said currently number 25 million. “The right path is work visas and make sure a border is controlled.” He supports requiring citizens to be fluent in English. “It infuriates me when driver’s license tests are in 15 different languages,” he said.

“We need to focus on the real enemy,” he said, referring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he called the “anti-Christ.”

Zinke said he asked seven powerful Republicans if they think the nation is fixable. Only one in seven said, “Yes,” and that was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “He is absolutely convinced,” Zinke said, noting he has sided with the Georgian. “He is a senior advisor to the campaign.”

Zinke finished his speech by handing out 50-calibre bullets to each of the four men who sponsored the event before a crowd of about 30 people.  

Zinke is one of five Republicans who have announced their intention to seek the seat of current Rep. Steve Daines, who is running for Sen. Max Baucus’ seat.

Editor's note: Zinke later said that the "bullets" he handed out to supporters were actually pens.

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  • trust no one posted at 8:04 am on Mon, Feb 17, 2014.

    trust no one Posts: 114

    “We do NOT advertise the nature of our work, NOR do we seek recognition for our actions. Today, we find former SEALs headlining positions in a Presidential campaign; hawking details about a mission against Enemy Number 1; and generally selling other aspects of NSW training and operations. For an Elite Force that should be humble and disciplined for life, we are certainly not appearing to be so.”
    Vice Admiral Sean Pybus, former Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command

  • montanapol posted at 8:36 am on Fri, Feb 14, 2014.

    montanapol Posts: 3

    Ryan Zinke is sooooooo embarrasing for our state!! I agree with a lot of people, Ryan USED to be a well respected guy, kind a small town, home town hero. Football, navy, nice guy. But something has happened. I don't know what has happened but now he is all but unbearable, for a lot of us, to be around. He just talks, and talks, and talks, never listens to anyone, interrupts constantly, even his own family can't sneak a word in when Ryan is around... and then..he talks and talks and talks some more. He talks as if he has some kind of inside information, and knows more than anyone else in the group, regardless of the subject...taxes, energy, dentistry, families, skiing, sailing, flying, even gardening... you name it, he knows about it. He's a blowhard and a know it all and how unappealing is that?? It seems that a guy who wants to represent people, needs to listen to people. Not talk at everyone, all the time. Shhhhhhhhh, Ryan, we heard you, the first time you said it. Shhhhhhh.....let someone else speak

  • Fast posted at 4:57 pm on Fri, Feb 7, 2014.

    Fast Posts: 40


  • pnut posted at 6:51 am on Fri, Feb 7, 2014.

    pnut Posts: 2

    I hate Android, I typed NUTJOBS, not BUTTONS. How presumptuous of Android to think it knows better than you what you mean.

  • pnut posted at 6:49 am on Fri, Feb 7, 2014.

    pnut Posts: 2

    Buttons like Zinke be long in mental hospitals, not governing our nation. People like him are the problem,not the solution.

  • donho posted at 5:53 pm on Wed, Feb 5, 2014.

    donho Posts: 43

    For someone who was greatly respected and admired, from his days playing football for Whitefish HS, and his football playing at Oregon State, and an honorable and distingushed career in the Navy Seals, something must have broken in his mental makeup somewhere along the way, as he now is really one whacko freaked out right wing retard, who seems to be gaining enemies and disrespect by the ton each day he makes comments orattempts to talk politics and honor! What a sad state he has become, when there was at a time in the past, that he was highly thought of!

  • Say What posted at 10:40 am on Sun, Feb 2, 2014.

    Say What Posts: 1

    "Zinke said he wants to restore truth, grace, honor and decency," by calling the former Secretary of State the "anti-christ"? Major fail!

  • James Conner posted at 4:53 pm on Sat, Feb 1, 2014.

    James Conner Posts: 1

    The last paragraph in the report needs correcting. The GOP field for the nomination for the U.S. House is down to five. Brad Johnson decided to run for the public service commission. In addition to Zinke, the other candidates are Elsie Arntzen, Drew Turiano, Matt Rosendale, and Corey Stapleton.

    I cannot tell from the report, incidentally, whether Zinke was actually accusing Hillary Clinton of being the anti-Christ, or using the term as a literary device to underscore how much Republicans dislike her. Zinke ran on Livingston's ticket in 2012, and any many who can do that has to have a droll sense of humor.

  • jacktravels posted at 11:44 am on Sat, Feb 1, 2014.

    jacktravels Posts: 1

    Sounds like the elite training failed with this one. I have great, though brief memories of Bigfork having passed through several times on my way to GNP from either Spokane or Helena area.

  • jsfox posted at 2:46 pm on Fri, Jan 31, 2014.

    jsfox Posts: 1

    I wonder who this guy would have blamed had the mission failed . . . certainly not the Seal team nor the military. My guess he would have blamed Obama. He who gets the blame for failure also gets a lot of the credit for the success.

    Next question I thought Obama was the anti-Christ. Is it possible to have more than one at the same time?